Town Manager

Under the general direction of the Commissioners of Poolesville, the Town Manager functions as the Chief Administrative Officer of the municipality, supervises and directs the administration of all departments, commissions, boards and committees, except the Commissioners of Poolesville. The responsibilities of the town manager include but are not limited to the following:
  • Act as the liaison with state and federal government, local civic and business entities, and interested members of the public.
  • Apply for and administers federal, state and private grant funds.
  • Ensure fiscal responsibility and modern accounting and financial reporting practices.
  • Oversee and manages property and assets.
  • Plan for short-term and long-term financing for capital projects.
  • Prepare a comprehensive annual operating budget and capital improvement plan.
  • Provide oversight of drinking water, wastewater treatment and parks and recreation departments.
  • Recruit, hire and supervise the municipal workforce, including key department managers.
  • Serve as the Chief Procurement Officer.
Current Town Manager
Wade Yost was selected as Town Manager for the Town of Poolesville by the commissioners in July 2002. Yost was employed for the previous 6 years as the town's Director of Public works. Yost is the 2nd person in town history to be appointed Town Manager in a full-time capacity.